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Northdale Tree Care provides tree care and pruning services to residential and commercial customers throughout North Tampa, including the surrounding areas of Carrollwood, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Odessa and beyond. We also offer advice on how to manage trees at home.

Our services include tree shaping (including crown reduction), tree felling, tree pruning, tree trimming and tree infection treatment. For tree care that's second to none, talk to the tree professionals at Northdale Tree Care.

Tree pruning and trimming is necessary when trees grow uncontrollably or start taking over your yard. This can be very dangerous for the tree, its neighbors, and will certainly cause you problems when trying to garden or mow under them. Here are some of the tree services the professionals at Northdale Tree Care are able to provide:

Our pruning and trimming services in Northdale

  • Thinning out branches: Overgrown branches may not appear like a problem at first glance; however, their weight can become too much for weak branches to handle thus creating an imbalance in the tree's health. Thinning these branches will help the tree remain healthy and upright.

  • Cabling and bracing: Poor structure can be dangerous for everyone around, especially since this tree care service is used to support weak trees or those at risk of falling. By cabling and bracing a tree's limbs to another tree or an anchor point, tree care experts can reduce any risks that might arise from poor health.

  • Emergency tree care: After a natural disaster such as heavy snowfall, high winds, earthquakes and property damage it is essential that you address any concerns about damaged or fallen trees immediately before further damage may occur.

  • Pruning and trimming: Pruning should be performed on young trees so they develop properly. Prune diseased tree branches far away from healthy tree branches. Avoid tree pruning in Northdale when tree leaves are wet to prevent the spread of tree diseases, bacteria and fungi.

  • Removal: If your tree is dead or dying, there's no point in keeping it around since it can be a hazard to you and your family members. Tree removal can be dangerous but tree care experts have the necessary equipment for this job which means no risks for you!

  • Tree stump removal: Tree stumps are unsightly. Our tree care experts will grind them down so they're level with your garden or lawn. You can also get rid of tree stumps yourself by hiring equipment from an equipment rental center, but while this option might save you money, it increases the risk of damage to property or personal injury dramatically. We recommend hiring the tree removal specialists at Northdale Tree Care who will get rid of them quickly and without risk to you or your property.​

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