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Tree Relocation

tree relocation

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Tree relocation is a task that people may want to avoid, but it's one of the most common services offered by Northdale Tree Care. If you find yourself in need of tree care in Northdale or the Greater Tampa Bay area, there's a chance you may need to have some of your trees located. There are a variety of reasons why trees may need to be relocated:

Trees that stand over power lines in the winter likely pose a hazard for those working in or near them. If a scheduled line inspection finds that a tree needs to be moved, Northdale can work with local utility companies to relocate it without causing damage to your property or endangering anyone using it as an obstacle.

Trees also become hazardous if they grow too close together, obstructing sunlight and creating root damage. If your homeowners association is experiencing issues with trees that are too close together, Northdale may recommend sending an arborist out to prune them or relocate some of the roots so the tree can grow unimpeded.

Trees also pose a hazard if they're located near your property's foundation. Heavy winds, disease, and other factors may cause one or more branches of a tree to topple, possibly leading to expensive damage to your home. Our experts at Northdale Tree Care frequently inspect trees for potential problems and provide prevention techniques you can use before disaster strikes.

Relocating: What to consider

To relocate a tree successfully, there are multiple factors and considerations that must be taken into account to prevent potential damage to both life and property.

At Northdale Tree Care, we are the best in the business when it comes to moving trees, and our expertise can transform any problematic or dangerous tree into an asset for your home. We regularly handle everything from simple jobs such as planting new saplings to full-on relocations; with our help, there is no job too big or too challenging.

stump removal

When is it necessary to relocate a tree?

When it comes to tree relocation, many people make the mistake of thinking that the only thing they need to do is dig up the tree and replant it somewhere else—but this simply does not work! Tree relocation can only be achieved successfully by planning ahead, taking preventative measures before relocating. Remember that every plant is different and requires different procedures for successful transplantation; what works for one plant may not work for another. Northdale Tree Care has perfected its own process over years of experience so we know exactly how to handle any task efficiently and effectively. We are happy to share our expertise with you so if you have any questions about our services, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Tree relocation is about more than simply digging up the tree and moving it; if done incorrectly, this process can kill or seriously injure any tree! During our consultation, we will perform thorough research on your property to find out all there is to know about your trees. We will then talk you through the steps that need to be taken when relocating them so that you are aware of every aspect involved in this process. This consultation service is free of charge, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information today! 

Being in business for so many years has given us ample opportunity to fine-tune our methods over time—we have seen what works and what doesn't work when it comes to moving trees successfully. Many people make the mistake of transplanting trees in the autumn when in fact spring is the best time to do this. A tree will be able to adjust more easily in the spring if it has been transplanted at this time because its roots have not grown too deep into your soil, but conversely many trees will suffer from shock if they are relocated during winter. This is why Northdale Tree Care always performs a thorough test on your garden before getting stuck into any work, checking out everything from drainage and sunlight levels to underground water conductivity.

Root overgrowth

One aspect associated with tree care is root overgrowth, an issue that is particularly dangerous due to its propensity for affecting both homes and sidewalks alike. Once roots grow over sidewalks, cracks typically form within concrete structures which can result in hazardous trip-and-fall incidents . When underground plumbing lines are affected by root growth, it often leads to leaks and puddles of water forming on the property.

Root overgrowth is caused by tree stress, which causes root growth to increase in order to provide enough nutrients for the tree. While this has only recently become an issue due to urbanization and trees being planted much closer together than they once were, there are several ways homeowners can manage root growth so as to avoid injury or damage done to property.

Pruning & Infection Treatment

A tree can last for more than a lifetime if cared for correctly. Here at Northdale Tree Care, we provide tree care and

tree pruning services to clients throughout the north Tampa area.

The most important aspect of tree care is prevention. Unfortunately, tree diseases are natural occurrences that can appear in any tree type or species, even on trees that are well-taken care of. But what about tree infections? What exactly are they? How do you identify them? And how do you treat them?

A tree infection can be caused by soil fungi, insects (such as borers), viruses, mistletoe plants (which can kill an otherwise healthy tree) and other environmental conditions (with one example of tree root damage).

Symptoms of tree infection can be observed on tree leaves, flowers or branches. If you notice that your tree is losing leaves or experiencing wilting, discoloration or other unusual changes to its foliage, it may have a tree disease that is causing the infection.

An infected tree can also cause problems for surrounding trees and plants. If infected with certain viruses, it could even infect healthy trees in your yard!

The most common treatments for tree infections are pruning and chemical injections. Pruning involves removing dead or dying portions of the tree. This option can become very costly depending on what kind of tree you have, how large your tree is and the locations where it needs pruning.

Pruning tree branches to treat tree infection, however, is generally the most effective treatment for tree diseases (especially in smaller trees). Chemical injections are used in larger tree species that cannot be pruned.

Contact Northdale Tree Care today to request tree pruning services! We provide free estimates and strive for customer satisfaction with all of our tree care services throughout the Northdale area.

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